I giggled as I stepped into AR’s apartment – I couldn’t help it, I always feel that I’m entering the dark lair of an evil mastermind. He grabbed me by the shoulders and kissed me with passion, pausing to hang up my coat, and then leading me into the living room, where a busty brunette was about to be triple-penetrated on the large television screen. Trying not to let this distract me, I brought out my bag of birthday gifts for him. He sat back on the sofa to receive them, smiling regally.‎‎

‎”Do you like them?” I asked anxiously.

“Oh, I do,” he assured me. “But you know what I’d really like…”

I knelt down between his legs with a knowing smile as he pulled out his cock, and took it as deep into my mouth as I could, and then a little deeper still. After all, it was his birthday. As soon as I came up for air, he grabbed my head and forced it down on his cock again, making me gag. Then he told me to take off my knickers and lie down on the arm of the sofa. I did as he said, lifting up my skirt and drawing my legs apart for him to enter me, which he did without hesitation. After a few moments of this, he switched to my ass, forcing his way in while I gritted my teeth in pain, and then thrusting deeper and deeper, until I felt I could hardly bear it. My eyes widened in alarm. Finally after a few minutes of hard fucking, he pulled out and knelt beside the sofa, holding my legs apart as he began to tongue my pussy, licking and sucking my clitoris until my legs trembled with excitement. Then he entered me again and fucked me some more. Finally, he pulled me up off the sofa arm and told me to go to the bedroom. I knelt on the bed on all fours and let him penetrate me from behind, fucking my ass again, but this time, with the flogger in his hand. He brought it down upon my back with a mighty crack! I groaned and slumped forward a little from the force of it, but he kept fucking me viciously, swinging the flogger down again and again. Finally he came with a powerful thrust and we both collapsed on the bed, totally drained.‎

I was happy and proud that his birthday date had gone so well! But it wasn’t over yet… after a few minutes he moved down between my legs again, licking my pussy and slowly sucking my clitoris. Knowing that he had already had a happy ending, I felt no pressure to come, so I just lay back and let it happen, the excitement slowly building, the warm waves rippling from my legs all the way up through my body, washing over me. When I came, it was so intense, I gasped and rolled over, wrenching away from him, giggling a little in embarrassment. Now it was his turn to look proud and happy.‎ We embraced, and I began to get dressed. He took me into the kitchen, which was flooded with natural light. It seemed incongruous, somehow! He gave me a small box of cakes to take home with me.

“Aww, AR – you shouldn’t have!” I protested.

‎”Come on,” he said. “I’ll drive you home.”

‎”Really?” I cried delightedly.

‎”Of course,” he said. “It’s raining a little, too.”

‎I thanked him for the cakes, the next day, and told him that I hoped he’d had fun on his birthday.

‎”You know,” he wrote back. “People were asking me at work, what I did to celebrate…”

‎”Oh??” I typed excitedly. “And what did you tell them?!”

‎”I told them a beautiful young woman walked over to my flat and fucked me senseless. ‘In your dreams…’ they said.”


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