I had puzzled over what to wear for days and days, finally settling on my best party dress – an elegant ensemble of Mountbatten pink, embellished with embroidery and lace – for our first day together. It seemed like the best option, as we would be going out for dinner that night. By the time I had made that choice, I had not much mental energy left to decide what to wear for our second day together, but it came to me in a sudden burst of inspiration – I would wear the pink and purple ruffled dress in which he had first seen me. It was his favourite.

‎Of course, I wore it barely long enough for him to notice which one it was, for he had me strip naked almost at once, tugging at my erect nipples until I was dripping wet, and then took me into the bathroom, as we had discussed the night before. I giggled nervously as he made me hold out my wrists, securing each one to a tap. Then he folded up a wash-cloth and asked me to bite down on it. I began to feel the fear building up inside me. What had I gotten myself into?? There was no backing out now. And anyway, I had to redeem myself for my weakness the day before.

‎I could see him in the mirror, picking up the cane and getting into position, ready to swing. I closed my eyes, filled with dread. I screamed into the wash-cloth as the blows began to rain down on me. This was too much… almost… I shook my head desperately, pleading with my eyes for him to stop. He put down the cane then, but instead of releasing me – “don’t release me,” I prayed speechlessly – he grabbed my hips and thrust his dick savagely into my dripping pussy, fucking me remorselessly where I stood, helpless and immobilised, my ass and thighs still burning from the strokes of the cane! Oh, it was so delicious, I came at once, my whole body racked with the intensity of it.

‎He delivered a few more strokes of the cane, while I stood there still gasping and shaking from the fucking, and then he undid the gag and untied my wrists, turning me around to face him, pulling my nipples between his fingers to force me upright. I was trembling all over with excitement, all my sensations heightened, my nipples smarting as he tweaked them, my ass and thighs still stinging from the cane, and my pussy throbbing, eager for more! I gasped and shuddered as another orgasm rippled through my body. I knew that from that moment, I would be like putty in his hands…

‎He took me to the bedroom to fuck me some more. I lowered myself gingerly onto the bed, grimacing gleefully as my smarting ass touched the sheets! I begged him not to make me lie down, so he turned me around and fucked me from behind instead, pushing my face down into the pillow and grabbing my brutalised ass in his hands, with the occasional sharp slap across my stinging stripes, making me cry out in shock and pain! Then he fucked me on my back as well… ramming my bruised ass against the bed with every thrust.

‎We decided to try the candles again, this time with me lying prone on the floor, so that he could drip the melted wax down onto my smarting ass from high enough to be sure not to burn me. Worried that my stripes might be fading already, I asked him to touch them up a little before the wax experiment. After all, it would be a shame to pass up this opportunity to thrash me in a new position! He obligingly swung the cane down upon my naked ass a few more times, and then lit the candle above me. The hot wax felt quite nice at first, but then gradually, hotter and hotter, until I couldn’t bear it, and began to squirm around desperately attempting to avoid the drops of molten wax, inadvertently exposing myself to it even further, as I felt it land on my hips, my pussy lips, and even right on my clitoris! I squealed with pain and begged him to stop!

‎”Now go and sit in the bathroom for a while, with the door shut,” he told me. “I need to call my wife.”

‎I trotted off to the bathroom, holding my sore ass in my hands, and shut the door behind me, as he’d asked. How humiliating! I crouched on the cold tiles for a while, feeling sorry for myself. Then I decided that this would be a great opportunity to take a few photos of myself, debauched and debased, for my online admirers. Ha! That would show him.

‎‎I had just finished when I heard his voice from the other side of the door, letting me know it was safe to emerge. I strolled out nonchalantly and joined him in the bedroom, where he had me bring him ‎my butt plug, which he inserted to loosen me up a bit before anal sex. Then he had me get on all fours and fucked me from behind until I was good and ready, pulled out the plug and tried to enter me. But I was still too tight! Desperate to succeed this time, I reached back and pulled my ass cheeks apart, holding it open for him until he managed to penetrate me. God, it hurt! But he began to fuck me, slowly at first, then harder, pressing my head down into the bed to use me like an animal.‎

‎”Now get on your back,” he told me. “I want to watch your face while you come with my dick up your arse.”

‎I turned over somewhat reluctantly, holding my ass open again for him to enter me in missionary, whimpering a little, first in pain, and then increasing pleasure. Responding to my cues, he fucked me hard until I came, trembling all over and shaking like a leaf, then he pulled out and slid into my pussy, fucking me even harder. I moaned softly, coming helplessly beneath him, over and over. Finally he was close and pulled out, letting me suck the come from his dick with my hungry lips and tongue.‎

‎We collapsed side by side, exhausted. I had never felt so completely worn out – I barely managed to drag myself into his arms. Lying there, in the warm silence, I felt him drift off to sleep beside me. Everything was so perfect, so exactly what I’d always wanted. I closed my eyes, just for a moment, and before I knew it, I was floating away on a cloud of contentment.

‎I was amazed to open my eyes a short while later and realise that I had fallen asleep – of all firsts, perhaps the least expected! We got dressed, extricating our clothes and shoes from the little pile where they lay tangled, discarded in haste. He showed me a couple of notebooks he had brought with him and asked me if I wanted to keep one. I chose the one with his initials on the cover, and tucked it away into a secret pocket of my handbag, along with the knife which he had brought to slice the wax off my breasts. We abandoned the candles and matches.

‎We said goodbye at the corner of the place Vendôme. How quickly our time together passes! Compared to the long hours of planning, and anticipation, which precede it. My eyes welled with tears as we kissed, and parted ways. I turned back, knowing he would too, and so he did, but he didn’t see me through the crowds. I felt disconsolate as I walked towards the station, checking the time. It was only two o’ clock! We could have spent a few more minutes together, but I had been nervous, worried that I was making him late. I hesitated, tempted to run back and embrace him one last time. But it was too silly, surely, and it had begun to rain – or so it seemed, the clouds closing in on me as I made my way home.


3 thoughts on “Smile of the Tiger

  1. You say above: “Then I decided that this would be a great opportunity to take a few photos of myself, debauched and debased, for my online admirers.”
    Where are these photos?


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