“Where are your shoes, young lady?” growled the Anal Rapist, as I emerged from the bathroom in my suspenders and stockings.‎

“You’re sooo demanding,” I complained, having retrieved my heels. His “sexy secretary” fetish irks me sometimes, as I suspect that if I ever forget even one component of it, he might actually refuse to see me. Which makes me feel somewhat… objectified.‎ But hey, at least I never have trouble deciding what to wear for him – it’s practically a uniform.

Trying to look stern, he pulled me into the room and pushed me down on to the bed, parted my legs, and began to go down on me. I was determined to enjoy it – it’s one of my New Year’s resolutions: to try to enjoy oral sex more. Also, I was almost certain I’d been spotted by my parents on my way to the hotel, crossing the street right in front of their taxi, which would completely blow my alibi. So I was pretty tense and distracted, and I needed to get that out of my head. But just as I was beginning to relax, he decided to fuck me instead.

I know it is “vanilla”, but I love sex in missionary. I love to look into a man’s eyes with his cock inside me, as he takes me. I also love it when he holds down my arms, or grabs my throat with one hand, as AR does, especially when he can tell I’m close to coming. He also began to insult me a little, reminding me, with a gentle slap or two, of how late I’d been, and what a little slut I am. And with every slap, I felt my pussy tighten slightly around his cock.

Finally he released me, and made me kneel on the armchair, facing the back so he could enter my arse. I groaned with pain. But I knew that he would show me no mercy, especially now that he knows it is possible for me to come this way too. He grabbed my hair and forced me back onto his cock, thrusting into me savagely! I screamed – he had to hold his hand over my mouth to stifle my cries, but he only fucked me harder and harder, until I felt completely brutalised. In a good way.

He pulled off the condom then and made me suck him. He snatched up his camera and photographed me with my lips wrapped around his cock, then, putting it down, he grabbed my head and pulled it down onto him, until he hit the back of my throat with such force that I gagged and almost threw up! He watched me choking and laughed sadistically. I was glad he liked it.

“Now get on the bed, on your back,” he told me. I had already noticed the ropes strategically laid out on all four corners. He skilfully pulled my limbs into position, tying the rope around my wrists and ankles to keep me spread-eagled. By this time, I was starting to worry about that thing with my parents again. If I could only check my phone to see if they’d written. I once asked a man to hand me my phone while I was tied to a bed – but somehow I didn’t think that AR would find it quite so comical. Also, another of my New Year’s resolutions is to stop trying micro-control everything. (How can I be submissive and controlling at the same time? It’s actually not as contradictory as it seems…)

Anyway, by this time he had brought out the flogger and was waving it menacingly at me. He began to strike me cruelly across the chest with it – something which usually terrifies me, but I was so distracted, or perhaps already toughened and jaded by recent experiences, that I didn’t even seem to feel it. I just turned my head sadly away from him and endured it. Then, after a brief pause, I looked up again and saw that he was drawing out his belt and looping it around in his hand. “No, no…” I whimpered, cringing away from the belt as much as possible, pulling against my ties. Much as I love belts, I didn’t think I was ready to take one on my bare breasts!

“No?” he repeated mockingly, allowing the belt to just lightly fall against my breasts. Then, encouraged by my somewhat muted reaction – more stunned than truly suffering – he swung it slightly harder. I squirmed and twisted away from him in terror, again begging him to stop. He hit me a few more times across the chest, not very hard, then stopped, and put the belt away, going back to the flogger.  Somehow, it isn’t quite as scary as the belt. But I didn’t know how much more I could take – of the fear, not the pain.

Then he put that away too and dragged me down closer to the edge of the bed, still spread-eagled, and started to go down on me. He has a great technique – I know he could make me come in seconds if he wanted to, but he usually tries to draw it out a bit, and that’s where things sometimes go awry. But this time everything was perfect. He took out a big black dildo which was somehow lying on the bed beside me, and inserted it gently while licking me, but then removed it and began to rhythmically suck my clitoris. I felt the most incredible sensation sweep over me, starting not there but from the top of my body to the bottom. It was as though I had been injected with a powerful drug which was now coursing through my veins, making its way down every inch of my body. It reminded me of the first time I came (which was also through oral sex), when these feelings were so new and unrecognisable to me, like nothing I’d ever experienced through sex alone. It was many years before I’d orgasm through sex, so that was like a holy grail to me, and oral sex orgasms came to seem mechanical and perfunctory in comparison. Now I felt that great pressure building up inside me again, growing stronger and stronger – the kind of pressure that can lead to squirting, if one isn’t careful. I pulled away just in time to avoid exploding right in his mouth!

AR undid my bonds, and lay down beside me, with a look of pride on his face. Then he put one hand at the back of my neck and moved my head down towards his cock. I sucked him gratefully for a while.

“Now sit on me, and put my cock in your arse,” he told me. I reluctantly climbed aboard, and began to ride him slowly with his cock in my ass, while he rubbed and pinched my nipples. I began to moan with pleasure. He swung me off him then and pushed me onto my back on the bed. Grabbing my ankles, he pinned my legs back on either side of my head, pivoting my hips up towards him so both holes were exposed to him and ready for the taking.  Then, holding my legs up, he entered my ass savagely and began to fuck me hard and deep. In a way, I felt even more helpless and vulnerable than I had when tied to the bed. There was no way I could control or even limit the force of his thrusts. I was completely at his mercy – I just had to give myself up to him. I started to moan again, my excitement building, and he began to slam into me, my body lurching back and forth like a rag doll. Then, on the brink, he pulled out and dragged me down onto the floor on my knees, holding my face in position against his cock as he spurted come all over my eyes, cheeks and nose. I parted my lips to take the rest in my mouth, swirling it around on my tongue for a while, wondering if there were something sexy I could do with it, but the temptation to swallow was just too strong, in the end. He looked around for the camera – it was nowhere in sight. He leant down for a kiss instead, but I was embarrassed and ran off to the bathroom to wash my face, as he shook his head in disbelief – “how can you be so shy??”

We lay in bed together afterwards, laughing contentedly‎.

“So how has this year been for you?” he asked me.

“The best ever,” I told him. I don’t think he was expecting that. “And how was yours?”

“The best part of it was meeting you.”


8 thoughts on “Fireworks

    1. How very observant of you, Lemmy! He’s holidaying in Florida with his wife. Yep, the guy who brandishes belts and riding crops at me, is completely pussy-whipped at home. And they’re all like this, these so-called “doms”, just take it from me… :P


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