The Edge was there where he’d promised to be, at the end of the car park, waiting for me, and I felt a shiver of excitement as I stepped into his car. How strange! I hadn’t expected to react so strongly to seeing him again. After all, it had been merely a week since I’d last seen him. And this was just a straight-forward sex date, without even the lure of alcohol beforehand. But there was, of course, the car.

‎I admit, I have a strong car fetish – the silliest fetish, I know, as everyone (except me) drives cars… but then, one could say the same about foot fetishists, I suppose. There’s just something about watching a man driving, being under his control, the engine responding to his will, my life in his hands… well, I find it thrilling and very sexy.

“Oh, you just like it because you know it means you’re about to get fucked,” countered the Edge.

Well, yes. That too.

I paced around the hotel lobby impatiently while he checked in, trying to calm the feeling of tingling anticipation in my pussy. I thought hungrily of his cock inside me, his hands on my body… it seemed too good to be true. Finally we were in the lift, and I couldn’t restrain myself any longer, trying not to tremble with excitement as I kissed him.

“Aren’t you an eager little thing,” he remarked, stepping out of the lift. “Can I fuck your ass today?”


My clothes came off in a hurry, with a couple of encouraging swats from his belt as he undressed too, and I climbed up onto the bed, ready to be fucked. With my butt-plug in, my pussy felt tight as he entered me, and anyway I was so aroused by then that I was on the verge of coming already, but he fucked me with short, sharp thrusts, keeping me on the brink.

“Are you coming?”


“There is no ‘almost’. Only ‘yes’ or ‘no’,” he corrected me, as he turned me around, and fucked me hard and deep, with my head pressed down into the pillow. Then he yanked out my butt-plug and entered my ass in one sudden thrust. I clenched my teeth in pain as he fucked me brutally, then he pulled out and told me to suck him. I crawled over to him, shaking, and took him in my mouth.

“Do you want me to come in your pussy or your arse?” he asked.

“My pussy,” I answered. He began to fuck me again, and this time, I felt that strong, slow burn of a certain orgasm building up inside me.

“May I come?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said, and then, a few minutes later. “Now do it again because I’m about to come too.”

And – oh! – I barely needed telling! My hips jerked upwards to meet his thrusts as he pumped his come into me, while my thighs seemed to clamp down on him from either side, holding him inside me as though in a vice. I felt waves of pleasure coursing through my veins, our bodies so tightly interlocked, it seemed truly as though we had become one.

I was deliriously happy, lying beside him, babbling about all kinds of nonsense, pausing every now and then to suck a few last drops of come from his softening cock. I climbed up on to him cheekily and sat astride him for a while, just to feel it against my pussy again. Then he asked me to lie down with my hands behind my back. What was coming next? I wondered as he tied my wrists together behind my back with his silk tie. Then he took out his belt. I smiled with anticipation, expecting the same gentle whacks he had delivered onto my naked ass earlier. Instead, I received a blow so hard, it seemed to set my skin on fire!

“No, no – stop!” I screamed, flipping over to shield my stinging flesh from him. I saw him step back, watching with sadistic pleasure as I writhed in pain. Then I realised that I was even more vulnerable on my back, with my breasts exposed. But no… he wouldn’t. Would he? I begged and pleaded with him not to hit me again, secretly enjoying the fact that I didn’t really know if he would stop, or when. Was I relieved or disappointed when, after a couple more stinging blows, he put the belt away?

“Now suck me,” he said. With my hands still tied behind my back, I shuffled towards him and began to suck. I could feel his cock stiffening and swelling against my tongue – that wonderful feeling. “Do you want to be fucked? Or keep sucking?”

It was a hard choice, but of course I was going to choose fucking, so I kept sucking for as long as possible before I answered. He laid me back and began to fuck me. Oh! The belt seemed to have set all my nerves alight, intensifying the sensation of his cock in my pussy. I closed my eyes and just gave myself up to him, and to pleasure…

That afternoon, as he drove me home, in silence, I watched him from the passenger seat – his stern, inscrutable face, focused, as always, on the road ahead – and I was filled with a strange sadness and regret, that something so good was over, even just for a time.


One thought on “5 Days in the Life – Day 4

  1. But it’ll be terrible if you were ever in a threesome with the Edge, and he said, “I’ve got a boner.” Then turned to you, and said, “For you, too.”

    Someone once said to me, “It must be hell being a postman, where the streets have no name.” For some reason that still makes me laugh.

    All that aside, and I’m assuming your the Edge isn’t the jangly Christian guy, yours is a very nice piece.

    It’s sad that you were sad afterwards. I’ve always thought post coitum omne animal triste est is nonsense, but I suppose it’s not so much nonsense as an exaggeration. (I always thought it was Ovid, too; but the internet seems pretty sure it was Galen. Oh well.) Me, I’m usually cheerful and feeling emotionally well looked after, post coitum. Even where there’s separation to come, and a lot of emotion left unexpressed (overtly).

    But your ending captured a certain form of emotional flatness very nicely. Best regards!



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