“I’ve just parked up inside the gates to your flats,” wrote the Anal Rapist, with his usual flair.

“OK I’ll try to come down!” I typed hurriedly with one hand, stirring pasta with the other. The babies’ dinner served, I told my parents I was just stepping out for ten minutes. They reluctantly agreed. But, as I opened the door, I heard the door of my brother’s flat, adjacent to ours, slam shut. And there was my brother, heading out!

We walked into the driveway together – there was no other way! – while he told me the truth about his girlfriend’s recent hospitalisation – not an ovarian cyst, as my parents believed, but an ectopic pregnancy, which had left her possibly infertile, and, as a result, deeply depressed. I couldn’t help but scan the rows of parked cars nervously as we walked by. Which one was AR’s? It was too dark to see.

“Which way are you headed?” my brother asked when we got to the gates. I mumbled something about needing to check my messages. “All right then,” he smiled, and set off obligingly down the street. I turned back to the car park and instantly spotted a familiar silhouette in the driver’s seat of car parked in the first bay. It was him! I started to walk towards him, but at that moment, there was a clap of thunder, and the skies opened up above my head. I dashed through sheets of rain towards the nearest shelter – his car – and then noticed a dark figure hurrying in through the gates. It was my brother, rushing back for an umbrella, and plainly wondering why I was just standing there lingering around in the pouring rain! Oh God – what a comedy of errors!

Luckily he was in too much of a hurry to interrogate me, so I waited until he was a few metres away and then hopped into the Anal Rapist’s car. He gave me a lewd look of pleasure, and we drove off together.

“How long have we got?” he asked slyly.

“Not long,” I replied. “I told my parents I’d be back in ten minutes!”

Unperturbed, he opened the dashboard and pulled out an iPad, taking both hands off the steering wheel to enter his password, while the car careened wildly down the wet road – “What are you doing?” I screamed. “Don’t kill us!!” – and showed me a video playing on the screen. I stared, transfixed. It was a video of another girl and me, lying in bed together, kissing and fondling each other’s cunts! Oh God, I remembered her smooth, shaven pussy, and the way she held her legs wide open for me, and kissed me with passion. She was so beautiful, so hot and sexy. It was the second time we’d done it – a day after I’d survived an extremely traumatic car accident – and she’d been even more sensuous and uninhibited than the first. She’s the kind of girl – really – I didn’t think existed. “First one to come gets fucked first,” the OP’s voice could be heard on the video, and soon after that, I witnessed the characteristic squirming and wriggling which meant that I was pretending, or rather, forcing myself, to come. And then I lay back and laughed – “how I know that laugh!” exclaimed AR with pride – and that was the end of the video.

I looked around – the car had stopped, and we were in the same car park he had taken me to once before.

“Recline your seat,” he suggested.

“I don’t know how,” I quickly protested, but he leant over clumsily and did it for me.

“I have a feeling this is going to be a very one-sided encounter,” he remarked. What the hell did that mean? I parted my legs slightly to allow him access, and moaned appreciatively as he began to caress me. Despite the pressure, I felt myself getting wetter. Still, I knew I’d never come like this – it was impossible. I reached over and started fondling him through his trousers. Eventually he allowed me to undo his belt and take out his erect cock. I licked it gingerly and then sucked it. He groaned with pleasure. Then, as I felt his excitement building, he grabbed the back of my head and pushed me down onto him. It seemed that I could feel his cock plunging halfway down my throat. I tried to relax my throat muscles to accept him more easily. I had told my parents I’d be gone for only ten minutes – I needed him to come soon! I focused on his cock, running my tongue up and down the shaft, swirling it around the head, massaging the base with my fingers. He groaned again and pushed my head down onto his cock, this time holding it there while I choked and gagged. Then he began to fuck my face hard and deep, going way down into my throat each time. Tears streamed from my eyes, I could barely breathe, but there was nothing I could do about it. Finally he erupted, filling my mouth with hot, salty come. I swallowed it all, except for a few drops which trickled down my chin.

“Wipe those windows down for me, would you?” he asked, as they had all steamed up, and then drove me unsteadily home, barely 20 minutes after I’d left! No-one even batted an eye.

It wasn’t until later that evening, sitting across from my brother’s beautiful Russian girlfriend at dinner, that the true significance of his disclosure became clear to me. As I watched the changing expressions on her pale, drawn face, her slender 5’11” frame slightly wilted, now, in pain, I was filled with awe at the thought that she had, even if only for a few weeks, carried, within her body, my brother’s child. How strange that some infants should spring forth unplanned – unwanted – while others, desired, prove so hard to come by. It’s an age-old irony, I know, but it seems that life, like death, strikes where it is least welcome. As flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods…


One thought on “A Day in the Life – Day 2

  1. Do you not mind being distressed during sex? Sounds very hot, but also more than a little frightening. Sorry about your possible sister-in-law. I was never able to have children, well not after I wanted them, anyway. I often wonder if I could have in my twenties. One of life’s unanswerable questions.


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