“Scared,” my 1-year-old daughter whispered, at the sound of the interphone, clinging to me like a limpet, her eyes fixed on the door. Sure enough, the babysitter had arrived. As I grabbed my things and fled to the sound of wails, that one word rang reproachfully in my ears. My son hadn’t liked babysitters either, when he was her age. But, being less verbal, he had never been able to tell me, and that made such a huge difference.

There was no way I could feel even remotely aroused under such circumstances, and I was ashamed, for if there’s one thing Cherry Popper expects from me – and it’s really the only thing he expects from me – it’s passion. And as soon as he walked in the door, he was all over me, kissing and fondling me – I was sure he would notice my uncharacteristic lack of wetness. I led him quickly to the bedroom (“a different bedroom, this time?” – so he remembered which one it was, last time!), and he pushed me down on to the bed, pulling my underwear to one side and licking me tentatively. I felt a small ripple of excitement, but really, this was just a preamble – when would he get to the real thing? As though he had read my mind, he undid his belt and asked me for a condom. Then, pulling my underwear aside again, he entered me. I gasped with amazement – oh God, it was so intense, it felt like he had filled me completely. He began to fuck me like that, standing by the edge of the bed, with my legs wrapped around his waist, and in no time – in just a few seconds – I felt the most incredible orgasm building up inside me, the kind that one feels slowly spreading all the way down one’s arms and legs, leaving one’s skin tingling all over one’s body. It was so intense that I had to close my eyes – I felt like I was in another world – and it seemed to last for ages and ages, or maybe time just stood still! Finally, slowly, I began to come back to my senses, still trembling slightly, feeling drained and exhausted.

“I’ve still got my shoes on,” he remarked. So he had! Quickly he pulled off his clothes and instructed me to remove mine as well, and climb on top of him as he lay on his back on the bed. He squeezed my breasts as I began to ride him, watching the milk spurt out.

“There’s less in them now,” he observed.

“Is there?”

“Time marches on…”

‎I continued to ride him, while he played with my clitoris a bit.

“So you really went two weeks without sex?” I nodded. “Not even masturbation?”

‎”That doesn’t count!”

“What did you think about when you masturbated?”

‎”Mmm… being fucked with a strap-on.”

‎”And what else?”


“Gang-bangs! You could do one, you know. Would you go through with it?”

‎I began to answer, but somehow I couldn’t say anything coherent. Instead I was panting, grinding myself onto his cock as my thighs tightened around him, my movements slowed and I covered my face with my hand in the throes of ecstacy. Once I had recovered somewhat, I bent down to kiss him and rub my swollen nipples over his chest. Then I sat up and began to ride him again. He looked so aroused, his eyes closed and his head thrown back – when would I be able to ask him to let me take a photo for the Edge?

“Am I the first person you’ve seen since you got in?”

“Yes. I thought you liked it that way.”

“Oh yes,” he beamed. “I like to have first dibs. So how many other people are you seeing?”

“Just one.”

“Just one! When? Tonight?”

“Yes, tonight,” I lied. Suddenly he didn’t seem quite so thrilled. Imagine if he knew the truth! But what could I do? I was only in town for 24 hours, and I could hardly put my baby through two forced separations in one day. I decided to change the subject. “Hey, do you mind if I take a photo?”

“Of what? My face?”

“Oh!! Would you let me??”

“God, no!”

“Well, how about everything but your face?”

“Go on then…”

We took a few photos, then he asked me to turn around and ride him that way, so I did that for a while, then he had me stop then and lie next to him, while he stroked himself.

“I don’t think I can come now,” he said, looking at me slyly. “I might have to go and fuck someone else after this, so I can come.”

“You wouldn’t!” I cried in horror. I could scarcely believe what he was saying. The really creepy thing about it was that I had told the Edge, just the night before, that I couldn’t understand why men are always so upset at the idea of being fucked after someone else, whereas what would really upset me is not the thought of a man having been with another woman just before me – in fact, I think I would find that quite arousing – but the idea that I hadn’t been enough for him, that he had to go and slake his thirst elsewhere! And now, Cherry Popper was doing this to me! I began to go down on him hastily, my eyes wide with alarm.

‎”It’s no good, you doing that, to get me to come,” he said. “For one thing, I need to see your arse if I’m to come.”

“You can’t come unless you see my arse?” I repeated, mystified. What nonsense was this? But I obligingly shifted position as I continued to suck and lick his erect cock. I could taste some drops of pre-come at the end of it. How could he not be close?

‎”And it may help if you talk dirty…”

‎”Oh! Hmm… oh, Cherry Popper, give me your come… oh, I can’t talk dirty, I don’t know how,” I mumbled, licking his balls.

“Well, it’s no good,” he concluded. “In fact, I might have to fuck four other women before I can come.”

“You’re going to line up four other dates today??”

“I would. But I’d have to pay them all. So maybe instead…” A devious look crossed his face. “Maybe I should just come back here later tonight, and ruin your date.”

‎”Oh? And how would you do that?”

“By fucking you so much you wouldn’t be able to go through with it. I think I might be able to come now, after all. Do you want me to fuck you? Or wank all over your face?” It took me only a moment to decide.

“Fuck me,” I said.

“On your back? Or you on top?”

“On my back.”

I lay down obligingly, thinking – how strange! I can’t remember him fucking me like this before, in my favourite position! And he even grabbed my wrists and held them down – my ultimate fantasy! As soon as he plunged his cock into me I felt my hips bucking and my pussy clenching as I burst into the wildest orgasm! I could barely breathe, it was so strong. It took me a moment to realise that he was coming too! “Oh, Cherry Popper, fuck me! Fill me with come!” I cried, my body still jerking and quivering as he rammed his cock into me harder and faster and then we both collapsed in each other’s arms, panting and spent.

“You know what we should do next time?” he asked, straightening his tie as he got ready to leave.


“We should get a lady-boy to join us. Would you fuck a lady-boy?”

“I don’t know,” I hesitated.

“They’re on the radio a lot these days, lady-boys. Because of all this gender modification stuff going on these days.”

I could just imagine him, sitting there with his partner, eating toast and marmalade, listening to the radio and thinking, hmm, what could I do with a lady-boy which wouldn’t involve actually fucking one myself?

“I could wank him off all over your face after,” he said, as he turned to leave. Then, suddenly remembering, he rummaged around in his pocket, pulled out a few notes, and placed them on the bedside table with a sheepish grin. I just hoped it was enough for the babysitter.

As I hurried down the road towards my next date, I felt, somehow, strangely reluctant. My whole body still seemed to be vibrating, ever so slightly, and a warm feeling of contentment ran through my veins. The idea of being tied up, flogged, and brutally sodomised after this just seemed so… absurd. Well, what do you know? He really had ruined me for my next date, after all!


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