So to distract myself from my woes, I went to the cinema to watch Much Loved, the much-ostracised film by Nabil Ayouch, portraying the lives of three Moroccan prostitutes in Marrakech. Naturally, I had been eagerly awaiting the release of this film for many weeks, and would have liked it no matter what, but in fact it greatly surpassed my expectations. I had imagined it would be a documentary-style glimpse into the world of prostitution, but it was much more than that, with a gripping narrative and riveting performance by the lead actress, Loubna Abidar. There was something irresistible about the way she instantly turned on the charm with any male prospect, combining a little-girl vulnerability with the self-assured sexuality of an experienced woman. Abidar was the only professional actress involved in the film; the other women were all, according to the director, “not prostitutes but familiar with the world of prostitution” (so presumably prostitutes).

Also, I saw a side of Marrakech which I could never have imagined in any Arab country. I have heard of such debauchery in my own homeland, too, but I’ve never witnessed it. It was certainly unusual to see this Moroccan woman discussing Saudi cocks with such vulgar abandon, then slipping down the alleys of the old city in a headscarf to visit her aging mother.
Of course, all was not glamour and glitter – the movie did attempt to show the harsher side of prostitution also, with one woman raped by a police officer and another slapped around by a client, but, as you might imagine, that excited me even more – much more! – than the scenes of drunken partying with which it began. The entire thing left me with nothing more certain than the burning urge to reactivate my AdultWork profile…
Looking around the deserted theatre, I couldn’t help but reminisce about my afternoons with the Professor, back in the day, before we knew about Day Use or the Love Hotel. At first, he just wanted me to go down on him while he fingered me discreetly, but – my cheeks burn to think of it now – eventually we were just having sex on the floor between two rows of seats. The cinemas are often completely empty in the middle of the day… but sometimes they weren’t.
I told the Professor about the empty cinema.

“Ooh brings back memories,” he said. “What are you watching?”

“Much Loved.”‎

“You seem really interested in prostitution,” he remarked. “Not a good career path even if you are gifted…”
Well, maybe not a good career path… but a good hobby?‎

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